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all hallow's eve
2002-11-01, 12:23 a.m.

it's Halloween, or at least shortly thereafter. there are 14 people in my house, counting me, and i'm waiting for Eryn-Chan to get home from work so i can talk to someone that's not intoxicated or wants to talk about animae. not that i have a problem with animae, i just like to talk about other subjects. it's also Carr's 24th birthday, so there is an unnecessary amount of alcohol on the premises. the police would love to get a reason to bust this place, as the number of drunk minors climbs exponentially as the night drags on, yes, this party has just begun, my dear.

it won't be as bad as Carr's 21st, though. i'm really suprised that noone spent the night in the pen for that one...with the drunken 13-year-olds scattered about the lawn, and Hooper feeding many more alcohol, but he didn't know, so he says.

enough on the past.

so i'm dressed as the 10-yr-old asian ddr princess. either that or i'm a geisha. i'm not sure and neither is anyone else. i'm going to resume drinking myself into another plane of existance.

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