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2002-11-03, 3:06 p.m.

so at about five in the evening last night Carr decides we should go to C-Bus. it's now three somethingish in the afternoon, and he's still passed out on the couch. my samurai and i are up and dressed and about, and the Tree is still in bed. i kinda feel uncomfortable in someone else's house with them not up, but i don't want to be rude and wake anyone...

at any rate, i'm still slightly groggy and kinda fidgety and chain-smoking, waiting for something...

anything to happen. i wanna go get my sandwiches here and DDR but noone's up. it's driving me slightly crazy. i guess i just get this way.

Cookie never emailed, but he did leave his number on his away message for me so i think i'll call him when the day starts; or rather, when the day starts for everyone else. i wish Jon didn't hate me. i'd love to see him too. i'd love to see Sara and Dusty too...

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