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good idea?
2002-11-25, 6:38 a.m.

had a great weekend, filled with DDR and Dayton and the house samurai and ErynChan and Jamo. good times, good times. lost horribly at the tournament, but still got to play on the 4th mix prus at WSU.

tonight, however, was a downer. little grey boxes and the smell of melting plastic completely capsized any good mood i might have been in.

so there i am, at work, thinking (because there's really nothing else to do while trimming flash of grey switch covers for laundry dryers), and i got this great idea to write a diary entry story of sorts using nothing but song titles, album titles, and band names. seeing as music library (or vault, if you will) is quite extensive, and this would be relatively easy for me. now, this is challenging part for all you happy readers out there in the wired...if you can place all the allusions, email me your guesses, and you might win a prize. i don't know what that prize will be, but it will be something cool, i hope.

i'll post it tomorrow, as i'm really freaking tired.

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