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2003-01-02, 8:43 a.m.

joke of the day

rene descartes walks into a bar. the bartender asks, "would you like a beer?"

rene answers "i think not", and dissapears.

a word of warning for the grammar bitch ring master (is that the correct term?):

i choose not to capatalize anything in my diary because i'm taking an e. e. cummings skew. i promise. i was the copy editor for my student newspaper 4 years in a row in high school; i now constantly correct people. i cannot begin to force myself to read diaries that do not follow the most basic rules of grammar and punctuation. it makes me crazy.

once, a friend of mine (an english major, to boot) asked a group of us the question "where's my book at?".

i looked at him and asked, "where's my unnecessary prepositions at?"

he hasn't used them since.

plus, in my head, there are no capital letters.

not that i'm trying to prove anything, or that i'm that desperate to get into the grammar bitch webring, it's just that i thought justifying my disuse of capitalization would be a good idea. weather i'm justifying it to you or myself is the real question here, i guess.

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