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just like sheryl, i've got favourite mistakes
2003-01-03, 8:43 a.m.

current mood: bittersweet.

current music: bjork's greatest hits, on repeat.

current song: pagan poetry.

my favourite mistakes

1.) christopher. beautiful boy: amazing eyes, amazing smile, amazing lover. lovely curly hair. we just didn't have enough in common. i loved him just the same, and i always will.

2.) wes. the famous one night stand. i liked him before we got drunk, i just liked him a whole lot more after we got drunk.

3.) sarah. she was a gorgeous little blonde raver grrl from st. louis. i met her at summer bible music camp. never saw her again after we were kicked out.

4.) scott. an off and on convienance man. i was his first sexual experiance, how sweet. now he doesn't talk to me.

5.) jon. also his first sexual encounter. i have a penchant for corrupting the clean boys and girls. also won't speak to me.

6.) andy. darling little goth boy. situation was ruined by my first ex-fiance. god, i've had 4 ex-fiances now. working on my 5th...

this is getting too long. this is really depressing.

so i wrote that tonight at work on scrap paper while running the damned shrink-wrap machine i'm always on because i'm the only one who knows how to run it. i got bored and i really dislike running that machine anyway, i just wanted to be somewhere where i didn't have to worry about making boxes and folding instruction sheets and looking for holes in the shrink wrap while building part and keeping up with the machine and packing parts and making quota too. i want a job with the least amount of responsibility that requires the least amount of brainpower. i want to be able to mull over all my mistakes and leave extremely depressed when i leave. i want to leave wanting to shoot myself squarely between the eyes. it's delicious. at any rate...

i just got done watching run lola run. it's such a great movie. the only bad part about it is that it puts me in a better mood, and i was rather enjoying wallowing in my self-pity.

that guy won't shut the fuck up, even though i've repeatedly asked him to do so.

i'm going up to bed, and i'm making the samurai go as well. he's really sick, and pulling a lil; he's got a bottle of cough syrup with codine and he's just sipping on it.

which reminds me, hooray for insurance. now i can go back to the doctor and get my midrin and my darvocet back. i need a good pain killer. badly.

it makes the world just seem...well...


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