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i like pleasure spiked with pain
2003-01-20, 7:13 a.m.

current mood: spaced out...

current song: "Wise Up" by Amiee Mann, off the Magnolia soundtrack, the 2nd most depressing song ever written

i got my nose pierced saturday. it was weird, because one minute i'm sitting in the laundrymat with the samurai talking about how i've always wanted a piercing, next thing i know, i'm in a chair nervously gripping the armrests, with a clamp on my right nostril waiting for a needle. i didn't even feel it. about 45 seconds after he put the clamp on, i asked if he was going to put the needle in already, and he looked at me funny and said he already did and was about to put the hoop in. call me a freak, but i actually enjoyed the pain of the hoop sliding in the fresh hole as he pulled the needle out. i nearly had an orgasm when he pulled on the hoop to put the ball in. man, i'm weird.

now i know why people get addicted to getting pierced, too. i don't know. i've always liked the look, and i've always wanted to be a freak for a little while. it's better than tatoos, too, because piercings are removable when i get a real job, and noone will ever know that i was once a pincushion.

i'm coming down off the stacker 3, and i'm crashing hard. i need to sleep. i smell bad too, i need a shower. i need to get off. literally.

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