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sitting in an english garden waiting for the sun...
2003-01-21, 1:27 p.m.

current mood: somewhat happy, yet still confused

current song: Clubbed To Death (The Kurayamino Mix) by Rob D, from the Matrix soundtrack

the ladder theory is right, every last bit of it. i am a bitch, like 99.999% of the female populus, i only want to fuck attractive men who treat me like shit and have money and power. i want to cuddle with my stable of cuddle bitches while this happens. see what i'm talking about here.

if you take it with a grain of salt, it's really amusing.

so i haven't heard from C in quite a while. i wonder what's up with him. i should write him and see what's going on, but something tells me not to...i think he's keeping his distance. i don't know. maybe he doesn't want to be friends.i wonder what he thinks about my nose, about life...i wonder if he even reads this anymore. not that it matters.

so one side is broken off my glasses, and if you look at my lft side, it looks like i've got matrix glasses, you know - no earpieces, perched on the end of my nose.i think it's a cool look. yeah, i know, i'm retarded.

so i think i'm getting sick. i'm sitting here now, writing to all you lovely people, with a half a gallon of orange juice (no pulp, low acid, for my ulcer) on my right, and a bottle of echinacea on my left. i'm bound and fucking determined NOT to get sick. i cannot afford it. not yet.

i'm going to take some quizzes now.

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