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i beat old women for pills.
2003-01-22, 2:50 p.m.

current mood: wretchedly ill

current song:joga by bjork

orange juice, yogurt, echinacea, robitussin, and salad for breakfast. i will not miss work. i should be sleeping right now, but i already napped a bit, and i needed something to eat. i needed to write too.

i really hate eating yogurt. i have a problem with the whole fact that it's alive. it frightenes me to know that i'm eating something alive. it's good for my ulcer, though. mmmm, yummy. live cultures and low acid orange juice. i feel much older than 19, and not in the mature sense; just...decrepid.

oh yeah. i got bored, and took some weird quizzes.

i am the siren. what type of seducer are you?

...and then there was death. which member of the endless are you?

i beat old women for pills. what's your deepest secret?

if i were a drag queen, i'd be cyndi lauper! what's your drag persona?

i am a classic punk. what's your punk?

one more, last one, i promise.

i am head 'splody. obtaining fun for myself normally includes a lot of destruction. when objects or people explode, it's probably my fault. it's all fun until it's done to me. what Jimmy the Homicidal Maniac moment are you?

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