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2003-01-29, 9:46 a.m.

current mood: tired of shoveling shit.

current song: the taste of ink by the used

i hate the people i live with sometimes. i get no sleep, the house is a mess, the landlord is going to be furious when he gets home, and there is no room in our refridgerator/freezer because of one of the tennants' girlfriends; and she doesn't even live here. rent is going up because eryn-chan is moving out. the monkey is seriously getting on my nreves, and that guy is seriously crushing on me. i feel bad for him.

i'm really tired. i'm drained, rather.

the samurai and the monkey never fucking clean around here. i saved all their asses last time with the serious scrubdown of the kitchen and bathroom, and this time i'm not doing it. i'm tired of being the housewife around here. eryn leaves her trash lie around everywhere, she and the samurai and the monkey dirty every dish in the house, then they just wait for either me or carr to get sick of it and either clean or go off, and even then, the only one who does anything is that guy. i don't think i can stand this much longer. i don't want to live with other people anymore. if i could afford it i'd move out into a place of my own.

alas, i owe the entire world money. some of it i shouldn't, as i didn't aquire the debt myself in the first place, but what am i supposed to do? i can't take her to court. that just wouldn't be...right. yet, i'm sick and tired of being the one fixing everyone's problems, and saving everyone's asses. especially when noone's ever there to save mine when i need it.

i need to go take my contacts out and go to bed.

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