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and now i've found a new friend
2003-02-08, 4:51 p.m.

current mood: bleeding. bloated. cramping. need i go on?

current song: a whiter shade of pale by procol harum

even though i'm physically miserable, i'm still in a good mood. why?

he eats things for the texture. he smells the insides of his cups before he uses them. he listens to music for the words, and he listens to everything. he smokes. he plays ddr. he spends his money on things he doesn't really need, but are fun, but he does know when to save. he knows when to tell a dumb joke to make me laugh when i'm going to kill people. i can vent, and he'll just sit there and listen and he doesn't offer advice that i already know i should follow. it never seems like he's mad at me for liking things he doesn't, there's not much that he doesn't like that i do. we have some of the same quirky little things; like smelling everything, or counting things (though he likes odd numbers...argh...), or driving around just for fun; he has to have things arranged in his room just so for the most part, but the rest of the room is a mess; he's a gifted underachiever too. he kicks me in the ass, and i kick him; but we both know when all you need is a gentle push. we watch the same kinds of movies, and the same kinds of anime. he doesn't care if i dye my hair and cut it strangely and wear odd clothes and makeup, and i don't care what he wears and does to his hair. he never goes off on me for getting annoyed by stupid little things, and i never go off on him for the same. he deals with my manic-depression, and i deal with his neuroticism. he doesn't mind that i'm cynical and bitter and jaded and just want to be alone and write sometimes. he has the same eating habits as me, and somehow we're always hungry for the same things. he's old enough to drink, but he doesn't much, except for the occasional beer with a cheeseburger and the occasional glass of wine with a nice dinner. he pays for things. he doesn't judge people, he gets to know them instead. he's so laid back and relaxed, and he makes me be as laid back and relaxed as i can possibly be. he reads everything. he's so incredibly smart. he doesn't mind that sometimes i'm just crazy and cracked-out, because sometimes he is too. he never thinks that i'm ignoring him when i just what to shut the world out. he doesn't party much. a breakfast of mountain dew and doritos is both nutritional and satisfying to him. he doesn't reiterate the fact that i need to go back to school 500 times a day, because i know i do. but most of all of this, he's just as picky as i am with grammar and spelling.

i don't know. it's just nice to have such a great friend.

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