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conversational piece of work
2003-02-15, 3:17 a.m.

current mood: getting there is half the battle.

current song: Same Boy You've Always Known by The White Stripes

The Same Boy You've Always Known

you fell down of course

and then you got up of course

and you started over

forgot my name of course

then you started to remember

pretty tough to think about

the beginning of december

pretty tough to think about

you're looking down again

and then you look me over

we're laying down again

on a blanket in the clover

the same boy you've always known

well i guess i haven't grown

the same boy you've always known

think of what the past did

it could've lasted

so put it in your basket

i hope you know a strong man

who can lend you a hand

lowering my casket

i thought this is just today

and soon you'd been returning

the coldest blue ocean water

cannot stop my heart and mind

from burning

everyone who's in the know says

that's exactly how it goes

and if there's anything good about me

i'm the only one who knows

i don't like that song.

why not?

'cause it's depressing. why don't you listen to happier music?

well, firstly, the song is sad, but it doesn't depress me. secondly, it's a laid back mellow song, and that's the mood i'm in. i listen to music for the mood i'm in.

well, i don't like it, and i don't want to listen to it.

then go in the other room.

fine. just let me know when you finally get off so i can get on and chat. my friends are waiting for me.

actually, i'm logged in for you on AIM so i know when your friends get on so i can tell them that you'll be there in a second, and no one is on.

how are you logged in for me??

you asked me to, remember? you punched in your password so i could tell you when they get on about half an hour ago.

oh. well make this stupid diaryland thing quick then. who even reads this, anyway?

i don't know. i really don't.

then why do you do it?

it makes me feel better, ok? this way i can get everything off my chest, and not have to burden anyone with it.

whatever. just hurry. i need to chat.

*under breath* yeah, since you have no real friends to talk to you spend all day staring at this screen...

i heard that! bitch!

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