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end of a century
2003-02-19, 11:49 p.m.

current mood: elated.

current song: haunted by poe

i finally did it. i finally beat grandia extreme. after my game getting saved over and not having lots of time to play, i'm finally in the underground cavern - the bonus dungeon. hurrah.

now i need to start playing the other two grandias, and see how far i can get into them.

in the real world, though, things aren't as great. the commune is still being lost, and i'm still out of a job. i'm looking, but it's not looking good. the job market is so limited these days. i don't know what i'm going to do.

at least it's that wonderful time of year, known as tax time. i'm gettting back about $$680, so that will fund an apartment and food for some time, until i get a job. i'm looking to sell my car to the monkey, as well, hopefully i'll get at least $$4500 from him. then maybe...

maybe i can escape this place. the samurai and i can go start over again somewhere. anywhere but ohio.

maybe i'll go live in the 5 1/2 minute hallway.

speaking of that, i had the strangest dream last night. i drempt of some of the people i miss the most, my most beloved friends from nashville and everywhere else...emily was there, and so were nathan and jhesi and scott and andrew, and jessica p. from high school, and angie, my old childhood friend, and chuckles, and dusty, and cookie, and sheryl, and a few others, but their faces were blurry. my family was all there, too, looking like i remembered them happiest - my mom looked healthy and smelled of her favourite perfume, and my father was smiling and my sisters and brother were playing and laughing.

i was on a big ship, and the ocean was blue and the sky was bright with sunshine, and i was so happy - until i realized that they were all still on shore, and the boat was launching from the dock. i leaned over the edge, calling to them, but they were all crying and waving goodbye. i begged someone to let me off the boat, or to let them on, but they told me that i had to go, and that they couldn't come.

the sky got dark and the air got cold as we drifted farther and farther from shore and everyone grew more and more distant...a storm grew on the horizon. i asked why we weren't turning back, and the sailor told me that we couldn't and that the storm was where we were heading on purpose. lightning came and struck all around me, and i ran down the hall to the interior of the ship and everything got so dark and i was so scared...

i woke up crying.

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