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happy and sad at the same time
2003-03-23, 4:21 a.m.

current mood: tired and happy. bring down the government.

current song: the taste of ink by the used

my wonderful emily is here. it's so nice to see her, since it's been...well, 10 months. almost a year. i missed her. she's one of the few and proud people i call friends these days.

i want to go back with her. if i had any money to my name, i would.

on a lighter note, i love christina. she's so much fun to hang out with. em and i (tried to bleach) bleached her hair. it's bright yellow at the roots, and it fades to a bright orange at the ends. it's so cute. we tried to kool-aid it to purple, but it didn't work...i'm going to order her some manic panic purple so she can get the anime look she's always wanted. i think i might order a little turquoise while i'm at it, so i can get the ryoko (as in tenchi muyo!, not real bout high school). she and i are going to have a blast, i can feel it.

i'm also looking online for house of leaves by mark z. danielewski. fantabulous book.

sleep is my friend.

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