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lindsay get your gun...
2003-04-06, 5:21 a.m.

current mood: no love. warm. no sex. warm.

current song: three doors by v.a.s.t.

lost and confused sums me up this week. moving out of the commune sucked, but the worst part about it was moving back in with my parents. i love my family and all, but 18 years with them was about all i could take. so here i am at 5:30 on a sunday morning, wondering how the samurai and the wattsmander are faring.

have you ever felt like you're just...floating? i feel like i'm jut drifting from place to place, trying to cling to somewhere, anywhere, with all my might. and no matter how hard i try, there isn't anywhere i really fit in. i don't really have friends. i'm just aquainted with a hell of a lot of aquaintences' friends. it's a really strange feeling. it makes me want to just go somewhere else and start all over again and forget all about this sad little town and the people that live in it. it seems that i just piss people off and annoy people no matter what i do anyway.

to quote björk, "if travel is searching, and home what's been found, then i'm not stopping...i'm going hunting".

get me my rifle, i'm going to find this "home".

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