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NERV and tiredness and the white stripes
2003-04-29, 7:35 a.m.

current mood: pain. too much work and no cigarettes make lil something something.

current song: hotel yorba by the white stripes.

so i ran into my ex-boyfriend's stepfather today at the gas station. he's a really nice guy, but very Christian (not that there's anything wrong with that), and i know that he couldn't help but stare at the holes in my face. i got the vaguest feeling that he was making a mental note of them to tell C's mom. i don't know. maybe i'm paranoid. sometimes i feel like i shouldn't have gotten pierced, but then i think about all the times i did something just because i thought that people would like me more for it...

i don't know.

i never know, it seems.

at any rate, the samurai has started a diary. i still feel bad about the whole situation, but he and i both know that this was exactly what he needed.

whatever, i guess. the blowfish wants something to do with me, and i don't think i want anything to do with that...well, i can't say that at this point. i'm being cryptic, i know. i'm tarded.

oh yeah. good luck, wattsmander. samurai, i can't believe you were so mean to him about that. though, i only know his side of the story...

oh yeah again. excel saga is now officially my favourite anime ever, but i still want the NERV tattoo. if you don't know what i'm talking about still, you can see the pic here.

that's it, i'm out. need sleepy.

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