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three things.
2003-05-07, 1:51 p.m.

current mood: tired and slightly depressed

current mood: yo pumpkinhead by the seatbelts from the cowboy bebop ost

three interesting things:

1.) just got back from my great-aunt's funeral. i didn't really know her that well, so i'm ok, but satan is beside herself. i don't know why, seeing as she didn't see her that often either.

2.) i'm now an ordained minister. sure, i did it online, through the Universal Life Church, but who's counting? the importaint thing is that if i really wanted to, i could marry people, and perform baptisms and funerals. pretty cool, huh?

3.) i get to go into worky tonight late, or not at all, if i don't want to go. it's really nice. i don't think i'm going, even though i *need* to, since i keep buying stuff off ebay...

so i'm supposed to drive to pennsylvania this weekend to see the corpse, and i'm taking the blueberry. i was supposed to take the tree but he apparently doesn't email people, so i don't think he's coming. i don't know what's going on, and i don't know if i'll have any money this weekend, seeing as i haven't gotten my tax return yet...i don't know...

off to bed.

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