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vacation's all i ever wanted...
2003-05-11, 9:59 a.m.

current mood: missing the big city, happy with my new pretty green journal.

current song: obscurred by the smashing pumpkins

if you're ever in pittsburg, go to the 7th street grille, and get the tiramisu. i wanted to try the mahi mahi, but i was kind of poor at that time. it's ok. i got my tiramisu, and that's all that matters. i also got the coolest book in the entire world. it's green, and kinda swirly, and it closes with sticks. yes, sticks. i can't explain it, one day i'll stop being lazy and i'll get out the good old digital camera.

top 5 cities in america that i would love to grow old in:

1. nashville

2. pittsburg

3. boston

4. san francisco

5. wichita

i really should go to bed. i want to stay up and play on the internet, but i need to go to bed, or i'll die at work.

i don't want to work at that place anymore, but i do...i just want to get out of here. you can take a country girl to the city, but you can't bring her back.

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