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running from commitment like the scared little schoolgirl i am.
2003-05-13, 5:28 a.m.

current mood: too tired to sleep, if that makes sense.

current song: it's allright ma by bob dylan

so i got my nose pierced again yesterday. it's right next to the other one, in my right nostril, and it's a loop while i have a stud in the other hole. i think i'm going to keep it this way. i like it. thursday the blueberry and i are going to get pierced together, she wants her eyebrow done, and i think i'm going to get my nipples. just kidding. i think i'm going to put more metal in either my ears or my left eyebrow with my other piercing. with yesterday's purchace, it brings the count up to 5, 5 unnecessary holes, ah ah ah.

i finally got a quote on the tatoo that i want, it'll be 50$. i don't know if i'm going to get it though; i can always take piercings out but a tatoo is pretty much forever, and i'm not ready for that kind of commitment. ask all my ex-boyfriends.

i've been up (with the exclusion of an occasional cat nap lasting no longer than an hour) since sunday afternoon. it's tuesday morning, right? i can't wait until everyone leaves the house so i can get some real sleep.

the house is slowly emptying, and so is my lucidity. i'm out like darryl strawberry.

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