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vacation's all i ever wanted.
2003-05-18, 7:31 a.m.

current mood: you look so tired and happy, bring down the government - they don't, they don't speak for us...~radiohead - no suprises~

current song: suprisingly enough, radiohead - no suprises

appearently, carr gets upset when i don't update, so i am.

just got back from my holiday in columbus; i needed a little time off from the ratrace and the assholes up here. i hate this hick town. plus, carr, the tree, and the alien are so much more fun than most of the people up here. i don't hear from most of them anymore anyways, and the ones i do hear from call every five seconds. literally.

plus, on the way home, i stopped in at the 24 hours open (get that one?) bowling alley out in worthington to play a few dollars' worth of ddr. i can't get enough, and it's sad. at least i addicted the blueberry, and my little cheerleader sister and her boyfriend, and my little brother as well...

interesting news, i spoke with a friend from college the other night. he wants dearly do go back to nash-vegas, just as much as i do, so i might just be saving up to go down there and get an apartment with him. i just need big city, out of ohio. nashville, pittsburg, boston; hell, even anchorage, alaska would be better than here. i don't like the cold, though. i can't handle another winter north of the mason-dixon line again. mmm...redundancy is delicious when i'm tired.

side note: i now have six, six unnecessary holes, ah ah ah.

i barely made it home, i was falling asleep at the wheel; or i would have been if carr hadn't donated those stackers to me (i can't thank him enough, he saved my life quite literally). so on that note, i'm hitting the dusty trail.

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