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everybody's workin' for the weekend...
2003-05-26, 4:40 a.m.

current mood: the first actual good mood in weeks. back up on the rollercoaster that is me.

current song: duel by bond

the animatrix set is coming out on june 5th, and i will have it. oh yes, it will be mine. i don't really have a lot to say tonight. this weekend was ok, friday and some of saturday i was in michigan with the blueberry, then i drove the 3 hours back to take her home, then drove out to the lake which was another 2 hours, stayed there until sunday night, and now i'm home finally. yippie.

i'm making the computer make funny noises. i must be tired.

at any rate, i think i should go to bed. i apologize to all my faithful readers to not have more to say.

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