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2003-05-27, 3:16 a.m.

current mood: i go from great to bad in a little less than 24 hours. like a rollercoaster, the hills go up and down just as fast.

current song: fantasie sign, ian pooley remix from the cowboy bebop ost

moment of zen: "gentlemen, we are not retreating. we are merely attacking in another direction." major general oliver p. smith

so i'm mad at a certain someone. he doesn't know who he is, because well, i don't talk to him that often. in fact, i barely know him. he's 194.3 miles away, according to yahell! maps. he's treating a certain girl i know like crap right now, when she needs love and support. although, the story is one-sided and none of my business. i'm just begining to think that she could do much, much better than him.

plus, his accusations of me leading someone on are preposterous. he doesn't know that situation.

and he wonders why all of his 'friends' talk about him when he's gone...

so i want desperately to get out of this town. if anyone needs a room mate, here's my info:

white female
20 years old
bisexual and bipolar
currently in ohio, willing to relocate anywhere
loves pets (especially cats)
hard worker
changes her own oil and maybe even yours if you ask nicely enough
hates stupid people, shallow people, and people who have no appreciation for art and music
loves anime, lots and lots of movies, chinese food, asian culture, and matthew broderick
perpetually cutting and dying her hair and clothing
is pierced and addicted to said piercing, but doesn't look like a pincushion yet (i've only got 4)
a little fiesty at times, and cynical, and negative too, but not in a bad way; i like to think it's a bit of a janine garafolo in me.

that's about all i can think of right now. i don't know. so if you're looking for a roomie, email me. we'll chat.

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