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2003-06-17, 6:28 a.m.

current mood: dizzy?

current song: am-3p, from 2nd mix ddr. the true sign of an addict.

i'm listening to ddr music.

you know you're an addict when you ask someone to make you a cd of 46 tracks, and they're all ddr songs.

i'm so sad. i want to go play. it's like 20 until 7 in the morning. i need to sreep before worky tonight. i have a feeling that i'm just going to nap...


and a half.

at least i've been in a better mood lately. i've been cheating and double dosing on my st. john's wart.

glarghblarghflargerlargggggggggggggh.....that's the noise my ulcer is making. it is awfully unhappy with me for all the cigarettes i've been smoking lately.

i should go email c. he mailed me and i haven't gotten back with him yet.

uh, deleted.

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