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another soapbox in another hall...
2003-06-30, 4:58 a.m.

current mood: bitter. always bitter.

current song: eye in the sky by alan parsons project.

i hate infomertials. they're always plaguing my television from 2 am until at least 7, and there's nothing else on. i hate it. chef tony sells his knives that can cut pipes and tomatoes, chuck norris works out with his own machines, while spouting out how great they are. people promise quick hair removal, instant weight loss, perfect make-up, wealth, happiness, love; and all they ask for are 4 easy instalments. a couple of months of your hard-earned money for empty promises. women starve themselves for the "perfect" body, they spend hundreds of dollars on make-up to make themselves "pretty". society and the media have forced the female population to believe that happiness and love are unatainable without foolish products, an unhealthy weight, a perfectly white smile...

girls like me are unnoticed. we are neglected. you know why?

we refuse to lower ourselves. we refuse to buy the scams. i, myself, realize that if i weighed 100 lbs, that i would break in half. there isn't any possible way for me to be that emaciated, because of my frame. i've got a larger build, and being 5'2'' with dd cup breasts doesn't help me if i want to be a scrawny skeleton girl. i don't.

i want to be pretty, and i want to be attractive. i want to get noticed, but i'm not like that 5% of women, that they somehow find for television and magazines.

i bitch about this all the time, but i just don't understand. why do people worry about how they look? why are we, as an amreican society, so vain?

women are bombarded with images every day. we're brainwashed with messages - "if you look like this, you'll be happy and successful and loved! you'll be adored!" and men have started to expect us to follow them. they see us through media-coloured lenses. the pied piper, the media, has been singing these songs for years. buy these jeans, you'll look cool! buy this make-up, you'll be pretty! buy this idea of how you're supposed to look, you'll be attractive!

so many women fall to this...this siren song. and what do we have to show for it? we still have men that beat us, that take advantage of us...we've become trophies. we're nothing more than status symbols. pieces of meat. sex toys.

i, for one, will not tolerate this.

i, for one, am sick and tired of this picture painted that women are supposed to not only accept, but embrace.

yet, i long for attraction, and acceptance, and popularity. to quote mallrats, "i hate people, but i love gatherings. ironic, isn't it?''

i'm off the soapbox, and out to bed.

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