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like a phoenix, new life rises from the ash...
2003-07-19, 8:09 a.m.

current mood: i should be tired...

current song: winter by tori amos

melancoly is green-yellow. it's not blue like people think. the world is strange. things don't work like they should.

love, being the most fickle and strangest thing of all, streaks in green-yellow wings and grey tails. it flits in between the heads, hearts, and thoughts, muddling everything; then grasps a moonbeam, and fades with the dawn.

fortunately, once you have a hold on this elusive mystical beast, one can usually keep it near and dear. personally, my grasp on love is an extremely strong one. much akin to the rock, it's unmovable and unshakable.

you know who you are. i love you madly. i daresay, more than life itself. be discouraged not, i'll always be around.

life in pittsburgh is good, so far. still looking for a job, hoping to find something cool. i laugh to myself everytime i drive by a bob evans with a 'now hiring' sign up. i know i could walk in and have a job immediately, but i'm saving that until i can find nothing else. i'm also trying to quit smoking (again, for absolutely real this time...); i'm down to about 5 cigarettes a day, which is *awesome* for me. especially when you take into account that with no job all i do is sit at the apartment and play video games and role-play.

still have yet to find a ddr machine in pittsburgh. looking though...i can't wait to play again. ddrfreak says that there's a 4th+ at station square, like 5 minutes from here. i'm going to look today or tomorrow.

dawn has broken, and it lures me to my pillow.

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