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anime and untitled
2003-07-22, 3:40 a.m.

current mood: irritated at the popups.

current song: tsuki no ie from the outlaw star ost

no sign of life from the samurai. i'm starting to get really upset. truespeak? talked to him today, and says he's fine and all, which is good to hear though.

i'm fucking confused out here. i don't know how much longer i can live like this.

broke down today while the blowfish and i were job hunting, and bought cigarettes. i'm kinda dissapointed in myself, but they're marlboro lights as opposed to the camel lights i've been smoking, so it's at least a step down.

mmm...anime music. outlaw star, lodoss war, bebop, and noir make me feel better. that reminds me - i want the noir ost so very bad. i think i'm going to go buy the series, too. that, and kenshin, and eva, and flcl, and much anime to buy, so little (or rather, lack thereof) funding.

eye candy is good. check out his untitled series. his name's mark goff, and i'm in love with him.

ok, i'm out for now...

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