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white america.
2003-08-12, 11:40 p.m.

current mood: ummm...ok...

current song: rockin' the suburbs by ben folds

so my job is ok. there's this awesome guy who works there named xero, who's my hero...

blargh. i'm working for the enemy: corporate america. yuck. i feel dirty, hawking good charlotte shirts and blink 182 stickers and clash patches to teenyboppers who couldn't name more than 1 clash song and wouldn't know good music if it bit them in the ass. but, it's a job that i can wear whatever the hell i want, and i don't have to take out the metal. and i can have visible ink, if i wanna.

i might could get a little ink.


it's that whole commitment thing. i don't know if i could find something that i'd be proud of when i'm old. if i get old...but see, i plan on kicking the bucket at like 50, so i guess it's no big thing. i'll definately be punching more holes in my face, or other assorted areas of my body...

won't you please just have some coffee with me? some tea like that or something?


oh, come on, just this time...


that's for you samurai.

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