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spiders and farm work?
2003-08-15, 3:51 a.m.

current mood: blah.

current song: spiders by system of a down

blargh, blargh, blargh. so bored here. i just sit around on the days i don't work and play harvest moon. i'm a sad, strange little girl. do i have your pity?'s slightly depressing, but so good. you know the kind of songs - ones you love, but unfortunately you've tied them to a sad memory and thusly they depress the fuck out of you.

so i've turned into a teenybopper. for some reason i'm on, and usualy i avoid it, but today...

i got the usual emails that "someone wants to meet you!", and i check just to make fun of the retarded person who wants to meet me. but, oh, what did i stumble upon? decide for yourself...

i've got one word for that: yummy. i bet she tastes like candy. anyways...

you are still a whisper on my lips
i feel it in my fingertips
pulling at my skin...

anata no koishii.

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