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naked poetry...
2003-08-21, 6:20 a.m.

current mood: i pass for ok.

current song: royally fucked by mindless self indulgence

i'm naked. i've found that it's the best way to write. i'm on the blowfish's computer (seeing as it's not out in the living room), but it's ok because he took off for work 20 minutes ago. the corpse and blueberry are in bed. i find that i've been looking for a time of solstice and solitude, and it appears that i must either force myself to stay up to an ungodly hour, or that i must wake at an ungodly hour. i've decided on the former, for obvious reasons...

mmm, mindless self indulgence. my new obsession. they're tasty, for some reason. i'm not sure why, but they are.

i've got some sandalwood incense going, and i'm about to go drown myself in lavender bath bubbles. somehow the smells of sandalwood and lavender go so very well together. they make me think of someone.

speaking of thinking of someones, i loooove it when scott says i'm a hip chick. i hear he's back in the vandy band again. i wish i was too. my one pitiful semester of school was a lifetime of great experiences. james taylor had it wrong; he should have been going to nashville instead of carolina in his mind. that's where all the great stuff happens.

jessimica emailed me. i'm happy to hear from her. she's a darling and a half.

i think i'm going to go email some people, but i'll leave you with this...

dare i say
i taste ambrosia
upon your lips?
the slow beauty of your smile
almost makes me cry.
as pure as starlight...
and almost as intangible
how could i have not known
heaven was so close
yet so far away?
as i lose my self
in your eyes
your touch
your kiss
if only for a second of eternity

there you go, said you missed my poetry.

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