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candy for my babies.
2003-09-09, 10:06 p.m.

current mood: responsible?

current song: 32 flavours by ani difranco

moment of zen: untitled 241 by lindsay laporta (read: steal this and burn)

the blur of late summer greens and blues and
the cool early evening wind play
games with my mind, leading - no
beckoning me,
past the neon blue false promises of symbols like crosses and pentacles, stars and
stripes; love and peace and harmony and communism and democracy;
injustice and justice; all that have profound meaning but people who don't adhere to it, but hide behind it.

instead, i direct my attention to the playful sparrows,
dancing with rays of sunshine who leave their heavenly position for a moment
to indulge in the earthly pleasures of tree-tops and mountainsides and people

my tired eyes delight in the simple innocence for a moment;
and i forget for a while that i cannot drop the pretenses holding back my tender, broken wings,
and dance with beams of light myself.

in lost childhood, purity and naiveness were also relinquished.
regaining such is a difficult trade,
akin to digging up a dinosaur. the pieces are found one
at a time, and the utmost care is taken to preserve
and maintain the parts, while discerning their order.

that's about it. i must sleep, as i have a normal job with normal morning hours (hence the responsible part); just thought that i'd leave you kids with some candy. i'll write more when i have time.

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