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bad tarmac
2003-09-16, 7:37 p.m.

current mood: i must be fine because my heart's still beating...

current song: whiskey girl by gillian welch

so i'm loving my new job, except for one part. there are two kinds of planes, called dorniers and dash-eights, that you have to drive a tug and push out. a tug is a little jeep looking thing that you drive like a car. to push a plane out requires that you take a "tow bar", which is a metal tube about 5 feet long with wheels on it, and hook it up to the front of this little jeep thing. you then drive the tug to push the jet out onto the tarmac so they can taxi out to the runway. it's like walking a tight rope, only instead of injury, one little wrong turn and they take sixteen million dollars out of your paycheck. so it's basically a lot of pressure.

here's what my first push back of the day looked like.


instead of...


notice how mine went all over the tarmac.

gay. blargh.

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