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kingdom hearts and no sleep?
2003-10-08, 11:09 a.m.

current mood: sleepy.

current song: the castlevania theme by the minibosses.

so i'm in the middle of 5 games right now: kingdom hearts, ffIV, grandia xtreme, harvest moon: back to nature, and monster rancher 2. i got really bored with ffIV, so i don't think that i'll be picking it back up. monster rancher is ok, but i don't know...i'll probably pick harvest moon back up after i finish grandia and kingdom hearts. i really really hate kingdom hearts, the rt battle system pisses me off. that and the fact that every time i try to make a very important jump from one ledge to another, donald and goofy are always in the way. i'd play grandia more often, but the blueberry doesn't want to watch it because she doesn't know the plot. i tried telling her that there is no plot, really; it's just a lot of dungeon crawling and hack and slash, but it doesn't matter to her. she wants to know what's going on in a video game before she watches it. i don't know.

hey look, i'm tired rambling. don't see that from me very often lately, do we?

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