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drugs and birds
2003-10-14, 2:10 a.m.

current mood: hazy from the drugs and the nicotine.

current album: haunted by poe

current song: 5 1/2 minute hallway

i live at the end of a 5 and 1/2 minute hallway
but as far as I can see you are still miles from me
in your doorway

and oh by the way
when the landlord came today
he measured everything
i knew he'd get it wrong
but i just played along
cause i was hoping that would fix it all

but there's only so far i can go
when you're living in a hallway that keeps growing
i think to myself
5 more minutes and i'll be there

inside your door
but there's more to this story
than i've been letting on
there are words made of letters
and yes i forgive you
for leading me on

you can think of it like this
when you can't resist
i'm in your hallway standing on a cliff
and just when i think i've found the trick
i'm tumbling
like an echo

'cause there's only so far i can go
when you're living in a hallway that keeps growing
i think to myself
30 seconds and i'll be there

you never listen to me

we cannot really experiment with love as freely as we wish
it is really a much more complicated topic

tylenol pm is taking over my body. i was getting a migraine. now i'm barely getting my fingers to respond to the signals of synapses firing prodding them to movement.

i came nose-to-beak with the biggest bird i've ever seen today. majestically two-toned in blue and grey, it was. i waved my arms over my head, and it turned and looked at me a moment, before it finally flew up to me and stared at me with strange, wide eyes. i promply put rubber around its front leg, split its belly open, and crawled inside it, removing everything. 2 boys helped. after we had cleared its stomach out, some people pulled up in a truck and sucked out some green-blue fluid through a hose. i think that it was the bird's blood. i looked to my right, leaning out of the cavern that used to be filled but was emptied by me, and noticed a stream of ants crawling out of its neck, where a curious insicion had been made. the ants wandered up the staircase, and out into the world to go to their jobs and families somewhere in this big anthill. i climbed out and closed up the hole in its belly best i could, and wandered away. i later returned, and noticed that more ants had crawled inside the thing, and its insides had been replaced with new, and more than i had taken out. "it must have been a transplant", i said to myself, removing the rubber from around the foot, and moving to stare at the thing's great beak before pushing a metal pipe into the foot and hooking it to a truck. we pushed the bird back into the open space behind it, and it promptly turned and left, enormus wings stretched out behind it.

i like tylenol pm.

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