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movin' on up, to the east side...
2003-11-05, 10:20 p.m.

current mood: tired, sick, pissed off, and somehow happy all at once.

current song: welcome to paradise by green day

moment of zen: my eviction on. this is, by the way, unabridged and uncorrected...and it fucking hurt to type out all this bad grammar...

Hooper and Lindsay

We have decided that the chores will now be split between the 4 of us instead of just 3. Since they aren't getting done often enough. The chores were supposed to get done on a day-to-day basis, not whenever you don't feel tired. I understand you guys work allot of hours, but those are the decisions you chose to make. As of next month (December 1st.) We are going to expect $150.00/month in rent, in addition to bills from everyone. Joel will be pitching in with the bills as well. So they will now be split 4 ways instead of 3. I will allow up to 1 week past the 1st of the new month for rent Payment. If the amount above is not procured at such a dat, have another place to live set up ahead of time. If you have questions or comments, please jot them below.


i don't fucking think so. as of december first, i will no longer be living here. i am not your indentured servant, and you don't do your chores, either christina. so you can expect whatever the fuck you want, but i'm tired of the stupid rules, the pissy looks, and i'm really tired of being talked about behind my back. i'm tired of $150 digital cable no one but you watches, and i'm really fucking tired of role-playing with people who are greedy and do nothing but whine. have a nice day. if we were dtaying and paying rent, i would expect to have 1/4 of the refridgerator, 1/4 of the cabinet space, 1/4 of the living room, etc., and i know that you would never agree to it. by the way, chris, it's your shit that lays around the living room. you are the reason we're never social - i don't know how the fuck to hang out with you. you need to fucking talk to us instead of printing out or writing your nasty little notes all over the house. you wonder why we work all the time - it's so we don't have to come home wanting to watch a movie or hang out because you guys always say no. i'm done. i can see why no one wants to live with or hang out with you.

joel gave me 2 weeks. he was trying to sweet talk the blowfish into staying, but he doesn't realize that he's already burned that bridge. he's burned just about all the bridges he had.

first off, i want to know if it's just me, or if this sounds like it's in chris' perspective and pen and not joel's - because he told the blowfish that he wrote it. i think it's because i tore into chris that hard, and he wanted to make me feel bad...i don't know. leave your opinion in my guest book - too rough, or just right? did i get my point across?

so yeah. i'm moving out. the evil landlord needs to get a hold of me. i have an exciting oppertunity for him.


i'm out like the fat kid at dodgeball.

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