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all mine you have to be
2003-11-12, 8:30 p.m.

current mood: elated

current song: hey ya by outkast

it was a good day. god do i love being able to fly for free. and i'm totally in like flint at ata...edna the supervisor came running up as we walked in. she got my resume. oh god, i'm thrilled. new job, less hours but more pay, same flying privledges; this is going to kick ass. had lunch with mom today. she's still losing weight and still as crazy as ever. she's thrilled that i'm coming back to ohio.

shake it like a polaroid picture...

so i'm in the process of packing. i sat down to do a little d'land and check my email. jonny mailed me, making me even happier. he's so great. i'm going to have to fly here to see him, and i'm going to have to set aside a day before i go to see him. he's so great.

bandages on my legs and arms from you...up and down on my legs and arms from you...

oh, so much music, so little time to listen to it all.

back to packing. ugh. i don't want to have to sort out all my freaking laundry...

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