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so gimmie coffee and tv
2003-12-16, 3:14 a.m.

current mood: what day is it?

current song: winter by tori amos

all the white horses are still in bed
i tell you that i'll always want you near
you say that things change my dear...

i hate things changing all the time. i hate changes in myself most of all. i get a comfortable, steady routine, and then every thing blows up. i went back to ohio, but my city was gone.

to make things worse, i've gotten worse and worse about making entries. i feel like i'm letting people down left and right. i'm never visiting like i should, i don't even call but i don't really have a phone anyways. i think i'm going to get the phone bill in my name, so i can have some long distance. so i can just pick up the phone and call people instead of dicking around with a phone card. this is getting rediculous.

went to a wild party friday night. i think it was the first time i've been out of the house, other than for work, for a long time. well, other than that night i escaped and went to fremont. they made me go. it was norris' going away party, and though i barely know him, he's really great. god, did i get drunk. it was bad, bad, bad. i hate drinking, but when i do, i can't stop. at least i left with all my clothing on, which is more than i can say for some of the girls...i remember these vivid little pieces of the night, like when i wrote "hooper's penis" on liska's hand, and he talked to us all night like he was hooper's penis. or when beth and i "fought", which was just us going outside and talking. it was insane. i had fun, though. it suprised me that i knew almost all the people there. it was good stuff. i still got depressed before the night was out, as i always do when i drink, though.

well, i'm out. i think i'm going to get a booth by myself in the smoking section at the boy and have a cup of coffee.

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