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fuck off.
2004-01-06, 8:23 p.m.

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i didn't lie. i don't know whatever else i "lied" about. fuck you. i'm done. you were out for blood, well now, i am too.

i left you because you are a sorry excuse for a human being. you didn't try to have a job, you didn't try to go to school, you didn't try to find a place to live. you were perfectly happy living with your mom, spending her money, not going to school...come on. i'm fucking independant, and you know it. i have no time nor respect for people who are lazy, unmotivated, and don't care. i couldn't stand it any more. you never tried. i had to make you go to school. i was looking for someone who didn't need me to play mom, finally, after everyone else in my life who wanted me to be mom. i can barely take care of myself, damn it! how the hell did you want to take care of you?? you know that all the bullshit you fed me about taking care of me...lies. you're a fucking liar. you disgust me. you bought flowers on valentine's day with your mom's money. how fucking sad is that? another thing - i never lied about the shit that chris and joel said. they said all types of shit, and i asked them not to talk about you, but like you said - i was already gone by then. i don't have a fucking clue why i stuck up for you. i washed my hands of you a while ago. but you, mr. sad and depressed...whatever. god, i'm not even trying to be mean. i'm just stating the obvious. you're a waste of fucking space. and yes, i still read your diaryland.

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