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for tomorrow?
2003-07-25, 2:36 a.m.

current mood: fucking righteous.

current album: modern life is rubbish by blur

current song: for tomorrow

i'm the 20th century girl, with my hands on the rail, trying not to get sick again, holding on for tomorrow...

erk, too many aim conversations...

PotatoFusion: yo yo yo
PotatoFusion: rap rap rap divto divot divot divot divot
PotatoFusion: dvto
PotatoFusion: :<<
PotatoFusion: *dies*

such is my life. weird friends. i love them all.

so i get 2 strange emails today; one from the little drummer boy that i haven't heard from in 11tyb years, and one from indy, who just informed me that he got divorced, and for no good reason it sounds like. i don't know.

i miss my friends.

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