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orange-carrot sobe
2002-11-18, 9:45 a.m.

so it's no more than an hour later, but yet i can't sleep so i'm writing again. That Guy is playing Final Fantasy X, which confuses me - how can there be ten in a series called Final Fantasy? wouldn't that title denote one fantasy, being the last one? but listen not to the girl sulking about and aimlessly typing in a white box words that no one will probably read.

i'm so very cold in this house.

i should go to bed. i have to work tomorrow (tonight?). graveyard seriously messes with your head, i've lost track of time to the point that i almost don't know what month it is.

i know though, it's november. it's fall, and i should be in nashville. i should be excited about the next early evening show, and still wearing short sleeves, and reading walt whitman and e. e. cummings under the big tree in the center green. i should be in the smoker's pit with Scott and Jhesi and Terry and Cody and Adam, and Matt and Jeff, and Nathan and Emily and DeeDee and Jon Porter and Wes...that was home. i even miss the Vandy kids - Mike O'Neil and Beyonce and Charlie and Colin and Jay. i don't know.

at any rate, my samurai is up, and i need to say good morning.

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