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i've seen better days.
2003-02-09, 5:02 a.m.

current mood: better than lately.

current song: st. teresa by joan osborne

played a little spycraft tonight. it's like the new version of shadowrun...kinda. i guess. not that i played that much shadowrun anyways - i always had to invite myself...

at any rate, i'm playing an 18 year old hacker-raver-goth punk ass. the pic i copied and coloured is awesome. she looks somthing like an anime dotmatrix from reboot. her name is ayame jin vega, and she's a half-japanese computer-cryptology goddess. she's fluent in like 5 languages, and i so wish i could be this cool in real life. that's why i role play - so i can be cool in *some* world.

i don't know who i love more; the cleric lillibell dantres in joel's d&d game, or her. i love that cleric. she's like a female wolfwood from trigun. no, i do not have any originality. at least i didn't make the hacking beast ed, like i was tempted to.

the samurai is probably a little miffed that i role-played instead of calling him like he so requested, but i kinda got wrapped up in it. i wouldn't have had a minute to myself to do it anyways.

nothing else to say tonight - life is a little better than usual. i'm officially an employee of hot topic, inc., and i'm pretty thrilled about that. it's a job; i'll have money. that means i'll have gas and food and pike tolls. yay. then maybe one day i'll have a loan and an echo as well. soon as i pay off that stupid student loan...

i'm going to make like a tree and get out of here.

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