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i am a total loser.
2003-08-04, 7:46 a.m.

current mood: burning the midnight (ok, daylight) oil...

current song: song for the dumped by ben folds five (in english this time)

gimmie my money back, you bitch.

ergh. i'm pretty fucking tired of d&d. it's really frustrating to me, because i'm lost in all this...all the saves and stats and ac and stuff is confusing to me. i may be a moron though...

it's hard too because i'm cross-classing too, technically. i'm a level 10 cleric, and a level 8 windwalker. so there's stuff that adds on to stuff, and other stuff doesn't...i don't know. this is in the corpse's game.

then we're playing a game that the blowfish is running. i'm a level 4 fighter and a level 8 paladin. i'm even more confused with the stuff in this one. broken.

both games i have this sword of *doom* but i can't hit anything...well, now i hit stuff, now that i know how to add in all the pluses and attack bonuses and stuff. so as a paladin i kill stuff. as a cleric, i sit back and expend charges in my staff of life. it's ok, i can recharge it.

i made an awesome staff, speaking of, that the the party affectionally refers to as the "staff of get the fuck out". i call it my staff of retrograde. basically, i can cast haste, expeditious retreat, dimension door, and plane shift. it's pretty freaking handy. it's very tasty as well.

good god, i'm a loser. all i can talk about is d&d.

i'm liking spycraft more, but the corpse never wants to play because he doesn't want to start at 1st level or something - he wants to play this specific charector that he's made like 4 times, and he wants it to be über-powerful, now. he keeps muttering something about how the alien kept shafting his charector. what he doesn't understand that the blowfish is giving him a chance to take back everything that happened to this charector and replay it, making it more or less über than it was; so long as he plays it that way. i know that the blowfish won't intentionally shaft him like the alien did.

i'm babbling again. after all these are just fictional charectors. *fictional charectors* (think ben affleck from jay & silent bob strike back...)

blargh. bed. crap. i have to pick another feat for my cleric. quicken spell sounds good. bed.

good god i never called my mom...or the blowfish's sister...or the samurai...god, am i getting forgetful in my old age...

god, i'm turning into carr in my old age bitching about my old age...

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