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2003-08-05, 5:17 a.m.

current mood: halelujah. that's all i have to say.

current song: i have no idea what the name is, but it's from the saint soundtrack...

candles lit: check. incense burning: check. cold bottle of pellegrino: check. cigarettes: check. i'm ready to write.

i feel his name in the back of my head. i hear it, it echoes and reverberates in my eardrums and wanders through my head to my mouth. i taste it on my lips and smell him all around me. i lose my self in many tingling delicious feelings; memories i don't have, fantasies unfulfilled. i close my eyes and feel him next to me...

today has been the best since i've relocated. things here at the apartment were talked out, and life seems a little more promising. people are actually allowed to call me now.

the samurai is getting better. this makes me the happiest little girl ever. i can't describe how badly i've wanted him to say those things. i'm just...tickled pink.

oni-sama never called, and it was important. that ho. it doesn't matter, i'm still in a good mood.

the blueberry and i should be skating out on the town. i can't wait to get out for a little bit...

now, if you'll all excuse me, i need a little intellectual time.

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