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a strange day, indeed.
2003-01-26, 10:18 a.m.

current mood: creative

current song: short skirt long jacket, by cake

i feel kinda artistic and inspired today. maybe i'll cut my hair, or do my make up, or draw something, or write a song or something. i don't know. i feel slightly inspired today, too. hmmm...

i feel kinda gothy today too. hmmm....

but i'm not depressed at all. in the slightest. weird.

ok, i'm going to go be creative somewhere. wish me luck. i just hope i can get whatever i decide to do done before work.

more quizzes!!!

I AM SPEED RACER! WHO'S 1337, BABY?!?!?!11111 Which Cartoon Hero are you?

They call me the Fox... Which cute creature are you?

I am Bond's Astin-Marten, pretty slick, huh? Which Movie Star car would you like to drive?

LMAO, I'm TeenSkank Skipper! Which Naughty Barbie are you?

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