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yes, oh yes, love.
2003-05-20, 7:40 a.m.

current mood: all you need is love. especially this girl.

current song: needle and the spoon by lynyrd skynyrd

moment of zen: sometime, when you're bored, try reading the titles of shows off of the preview guide channel together, creating new, interesting, educational, and entertaining shows.

i have found *the* perfect man.

he's goal oriented. he has drive, ambition, and a passion for what he believes in.

he's egotistical and slightly insane.

he's pale, slender, and oh, that black hair...and he only wears suits.

his laugh sends shivers up my spine.

he has a deliciously insatiable thirst for power and fame.

oh yeah, he's evil.

you ask me his name?

jinnai katsuhiko.

if i could marry him, and just have areere on the side, life would undoubtedly be perfect. if you can't tell, i finally coaxed the blurberry into dropping the slayers for a little bit, and letting me watch el hazard.

oh, my darling jinnai. if only someone like you existed in the real world...

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