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your love gives me such a thrill, but your love won't pay my bills...
2003-05-29, 1:04 p.m.

current mood: i want i want i want gimmie gimmie gimmie...

current song: personal jesus by depeche mode

yeah. i got paid today.

i had us $195.98 at 08:00 am est.

it is now 13:11 pm est, and i have us $80.48.

i got 3 skirts, 2 shirts, a pair of shorts, a pair of cute panties, a cool shawl thingy, 4 venus razor cartridges, an oil filter, transmission fluid, transmission treatment, and a coat.

other than the razors, oil filter, and transmission stuff, i did some damn good bargain shopping. a genious put the goodwill and dots directly next to each other.

i am not allowed to spend any money the rest of this week. i might put off going to pittsburg with the blueberry and the blowfish until next week, though, making it easier on me. i don't know yet.

if you're reading this and feel charitable, feel free to donate to the "'lindsay might go to college one day' fund", c/o lindsay, p.o. box 0, middle of nowhere, ohio, 12345. you never know, you could get it back in your taxes. you are donating to a non-profit organization, after all.

i'm off like a jewish foreskin.

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