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in between.
2003-07-20, 6:11 a.m.

current mood: edgy, to start...

current song: barefoot in the park from neon genesis evangelion ost

i hate quitting smoking. i don't like the feelings i get - the withdrawls, the cravings, the heavy feeling in my lungs as they begin to realize what oxygen feels like again.

i know that it will feel better when i do quit; i'll be able to run and play my trumpet and sing again. but i want it to happen now.

people who say cigarettes aren't addictive are morons. i've been smoking for 6 years now. since i was 15. it's pretty sick, if you think about it.

at any rate, i just want to hear from the samurai. it's weird not being able to just drive over there anymore. i miss him. lots.

ok, i'm out. i've got stuff to do.

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